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For A Private Consulation With An International Luxury Advertising Professional 

​You may call our Luxury Director @ 602.616.0331 to discuss your

Realty Advertising and Marketing needs.


After you provide YOUR TARGET MARKET to us, we are able to design an International Advertising and Marketing Portfolio Plan for you.  


Advertising Costs Range From $1,700.00 USA$ for a 6 month photo link ad;

and upwards depending on the amount of showcasing space and marketing assistance provided, including the potential of "staging" as we are closely affiliated with one of the larger staging companies in Arizona.


There is no discrimination, nor do we promote any "attitudes" which would encourage discrimination within our site.


We merely ask that you are well connected with an experienced local quality luxury enabled real estate broker, and understand genuine cooperative respect amongst all your luxury realtor peers regardless of the company they represent, who have some special talent in Luxury Real Estate Services.


We focus on the HIGHEST END of the market and often will work with your Luxury Realtor to Showcase the listing and accept a marketing fee upon your sale closing.  We are open to assisting Quality Luxury Realtors who have "genuine desire and need" to reach the International Marketplace by setting up an International Luxury Showcase to extend thier Listing further, into the Global Markets.



Our Appreciation Of The Genuine Realtors Around The World.


We adore seeing the quality within the VARIOUS luxury individuals and highly respect true talent amongst realtor peers - regardless of the Company Brand. 


It is our belief, that no one particular realtor, realty company, brand, or company is truly better than another.  Each Realtor and Company is unique.   Selecting a quality Luxury Realtor or Team is a matter of personal taste, preference, professional style, ease with clients, and cooperative relations around the local area and the world.   

It truly is sellers and buyers power of choice and selection.


Although our time is very limited, we are still pleased to learn of local and international luxury realtors and property owners, including and especially suited to cooperating with local quality Boutique Realty Agencies around the world. To provide luxury services, and to network well worldwide is the best way toward understanding how we may plant the genuine seeds of INTEGRITY for cooperative business relations and realty efforts.


Even if our company does NOT establish an Ad, Affiliation, or Referral Situation with a particular agency or individual, we are still pleased to have met the fellow realtor from around the world, we will place you in our Cooperative Relations Database, and look forward to developing a respectful, cooperative effort in service to our clients.


Lastly, we want to say "THANK YOU" to all the local and International Realtors and thier Agencies  who have taken their time to introduce themselves and to extend thier portfolios of luxury properties with us.  We are here to serve, as we focus on diligently fulfilling real estate and consumer related laws;  while serving clients around the world with quality products.






We recommend Luxury Agents ADVERTISE on the following Web Venues, and some serve ALL:



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