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The International Luxury Real Estate Company contracted broker abides in Arizona USA, which focuses on the integrity of real estate transactional processing, as well as the finest luxury marketing available to the International Marketplace. 


The International Luxury Real Estate Company owner, and Director, C. Lykins focuses on ensuring the details of the sale or purchase of home are adjudicated in a manner appropriate for the highest level of luxury sellers and investors.


The International Luxury Real Estate Company assists to coordinate Luxury Real Estate Around the World as legal within each unique country; and continues to promote the highest level of Professional Realty Networking Relations and Teamwork to assist the Global Public whom we all serve. 


The #1 Value adhered to is that of Integrity and Safety for the Global Consumer Investors, and Elite Quality Marketing Services for the Global Sellers.   


To learn how we may best serve you, contact our Luxury Marketing Director, C. Lykins.

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