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Our International Luxury Real Estate ® Website(s)

requires our International Site Users, Clients, Sellers & Buyers to read and accept the

Terms & Conditions, Legal Disclaimers,  and

Hold Harmless Idemnification Statements Before Using This Site, 

and/or purchasing any properties and/or products displayed on this site, or

or on any other website(s) LINKED to our International Luxury site

including its affiliated real estate sites, and/or luxury product websites.



International Luxury Real Estate LLC. is a Luxury Realty Marketing/Advertising Company which offers full Realty Services in Arizona USA, California USA, (via our designated broker), and Advertises Internationally where no extra licensure is required and/or where Advertising and/or Referral Realty arrangements are legal and ethical.  


We are here to serve the Luxury Clients Searching For Worldwide Luxury Real Estate Agents & Properties For Sale as generally listed By Local Luxury Brokers/Agents.  The International Luxury Team supports the marketing efforts of preferred Luxury Realty Agents marketing To International Clients.


International Luxury Real Estate LLC. was created to showcase Luxury Real Estate for Clients interested in Luxury Realty from various Realty Companies.  To eventually offer a full Network of all potential realty products and options in one International Luxury Site, where possible.

However, although we strive for excellence of product, service, and service attitudes, we do not guarantee any brokers, agents, or companies product or guarantee any service levels.  It is the full responsibility of all International Luxury Real Estate.Com Site Users inclusive of:  (Buyers, Sellers, Commercial & Consumer Purchasers, Property Managers, Lease Customers, Investors, Accountants, Finance Personnel, and any related Support Individual or Entity, etc.) to hire an International Real Estate Attorney and fully verify ALL real estate agent(s), luxury products, and real estate property details, including needful building and property inspections, legal property addresses,  square footage, finance issues, qualifications, and any other important relevant real estate factors, associated with real estate property  or luxury products, presented for sale or viewing on this site and/or on any other site connected to the International Luxury Real Estate.Com website.

Luxury Real Estate Brokers & Professional Service Agents Verifications:


Furthermore it is the responsibility of Our International Luxury Real Estate . COM ® Clients and Users of any of our OTHER connected luxury websites and material resources connected to our "International Luxury Sites" to engage fully verify all quality factors, technical experience, service integrity, and reliability of any Luxury Broker/Agent listed to this site, or referred, or potentially referred or promoted to Corporate or Individual Entities and Representatives, including Buyer or Seller support staff of:  Accountants, Bankers, Investors, Attorneys, proxy members, P.O.A.s, etc. 

We encourage International and National, United States Buyers to prepare to locate a Licensed Broker or Licensed Agent from a Luxury Division of a Licensed Realty Company, (who may or may not be represented on our International Luxury Real Estate . Com site), to assist you with your property search, property evaluations, negotiation decisions, contract details, and all inspections including square footage of all land, buildings, etc., mold, chemical inspections, etc. as related to any residential or commercial property.  We respect your need to purchase quality products and services and thus encourage and request that you review the "Home Buying Awareness and Inspection Guidance Materials" provided by all licensed Real Estate Company Agents, regardless of the Country or location, and overseen by Federal and State Real Estate Protection Agencies in each country of the World.


For Any "For Sale By Owner Property" Outside the United States or within the United States:  

As with any real estate advertising/marketing company,  it is not the responsiblity of International Luxury Real Estate LLC. to authenticate the legitimacy of any Realty Broker, Agent, or Real Estate Property placed on this site as a featured agent or listing, and even if the property or agent is located in the Regional Area Multiple Listing Service (MLS), it is the responsiblity of the Buyer to verify all property for sale details, and related facts if the property is presented on this site as  "For Sale By Owner" (OR) presented "For Sale" via a "Brokerage/Agent" Realty Company.  

Although International Luxury Real Estate "may" be willing to present International properties "For Sale By Owner", the company is not responsible for authenticating or verifying the properties at this time.  



All United States Luxury Estates & Properties posted directly to this site, OR linked to this site, must be placed with a Luxury Agent or Broker and PREFERABLY one which cooperates within our Quality Luxury Networked Systems.  For more details, on how to place YOUR LUXURY PROPERTY on our International Luxury Real Estate Marketing site, you may call our Luxury Marketing Coordinator at 1-(888)-861-4448 or contact us via our above CONTACT FORM under the LUXURY WORLD.

We hope to serve YOU, or your qualified Luxury Realty Agent with your International Luxury Marketing needs.


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