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We specialize in reaching the "International Luxury Market" and in International Luxury Cooperations.


However, if you are looking for more complete portfolios of Luxury Real Estate; we recommend you tailor your search to the following

PRECISE .COM WEBSITES in your address bar.


  • Luxury Real Estate

  • Luxury Estate

  • Luxury Homes


Although we cannot control where Google places us, to some degree. 

Our company will not SEO to be in the exact phrase of "Luxury Real Estate" in manner that places us in that category.

or the precise "Luxury Estate" category as we feel it hurts the lovely Independent LOCAL Luxury Professional Boutiques and Luxury Franchise Agents also who depend on the unique "Luxury Real Estate" search category, who have said historically that  they serve all companies equal.  


We do not really know alot of the company, except hope they can continue to serve all companies without discrimination;

based on thier original business model.  

However, their business is theirs alone to do as they see fit, and not of our business concern.  

We can hope for a bit of benefit to all realtors and all investors within the luxury marketplace as provided by the above nice sites;

but it is not something we focus on as it is NOT our business to do so.


We remain focused on our own "International Luxury Marketplace";

to focus on our service to the International Investor, Seller, and International Local Luxury Boutique Cooperative Services Worldwide.


Thus, In full preservation of LUXURY REAL ESTATE,

we have removed all SEO which floats us to the 1st page of the "Luxury Real Estate" category.


You might someday find the International Luxury Real Estate Company ® in other categories such as Luxury Estates (plural),

or possibly in categories very unsimilar in name to our own;

but our hoped for goal is to merely be one of those options that show up on the bottom of the page after all Trademarks or Ownership of .COMS receive the BEST and FULL billing possible.    

We have no desire to hurt the general population of agents or any company agents whatsoever.

We might try to enjoy the share of success in those more not exact sites or quite dissimilar to our own.


So again at this time we recommend you stay very intune to the following

property realty based marketing companies who support most of the marketplace.


  • Luxury Real Estate

  • Luxury Estates and

  • Luxury Homes


Lastly, we hope to serve you in some manner within the International Luxury Marketplace.  


We may not always have the time to be all things for all people, as we strive to specialize in the high end presentations for this site;

but we will do our best to serve you in some manner, or provide you fair quality service and home preparation advisements,

within the "International" and "Luxury" nitch markets.


At the end of the day.  

We hope you the consumer are served well by all companies, and enjoy a good measure of honest inputs, solid cooperations, and peace in the marketplace. 


WE BELIEVE:  It is all about the SELLER receiving the help THEY NEED FROM THIER HONEST LUXURY LISTER to receive a full maximized immediate return on thier investment.


WE BELIEVE:  It is our fiduciary duty to provide  insightful,  up-to-date, CLIENT 1st PREFERENCES service to the INVESTORS

searching for THIER PREFERENCES, THIER NEEDS, THIER HOPES.  We wish to  assist buyers and investors in a wise manner, that is insightful; but does NOT destroy thier preference tastes, in the process.  We know we have the ability to look at the bare bones of architecture, design. materials, flow, quality factors, slight improvement potentials, and overall trends in the home designs to advise their overall investment potentials.  However, again, we realize it is all about the client's most desired preferences; and this is something that was so professionally trained during our time with the Realty Executives Broker Leadership.


WE HOPE: That in our honesty we are helpful to you to ensure you are fully ready to sell; or long term to own and resell at a high rate, if desired.


How may we provide you the following tips?


As the daughter of a Mastered Degree High School ART Teacher specializing in Design, Oils, Watercolors, and various other textual mediums;  I lived under the tutorage of her inputs for my full life. :)  She is special.  

And my dad was a neat and design freak as well.  I use the word freak, cause he liked everything meticulous around our 60 acre property inclusive of a lovely 16 ft deep pond surrounded by green grass; and tall evergreens. 

I guess it all wore off on me over time. . . 

So...out comes what I guess could be called a protege, from these almost bizarre Artful and Musically talented individuals.  

As for myself, well although I am somewhat creative, and won a 3-D Art Cover Design Award in College, I am not at the level of artistic ability so apparent in many others around me... but even so here is what I hope you can gain from our professional training in:  Art, Design, 3 Dimensional Design, Color, and Juliard Based Musical Training as for the use of space and restful places found even in musical arrangements.  


It all adds up to the potential best way to influences the "senses" to appreciate a luxury space, and create an exceptionally pleasing environment for others to luxuriate and feel welcome in.


Our Luxury Team tends to be honest, picky, discriminating; BUT we can also overlook what is not an essential for the property;

and look for the properties potentials, should you care to update or tweak your luxury for sale to meet its highest level of use or beauty;

for potentially a minimum of sale readiness investment.


One thing I have observed in the marketplace.  Is many properties could have brought their properties up to a whole new level; and as to sell much quicker; if they would listen to thier TALENTED Luxury Consultant; refresh the home with more care; trim away some trees, AND possibly just spend $2,000.00 for a few CRITICAL wood refinishes, or some such improvement.

These improvements under $3,000.00 would drastically affect thier listing and tour presentations and most likely actually bring a return back to them of $50,000 to $100,000 or even more.


I just cannot say how important it is to pay attention to LUXURY CONSULTANTS from ALL COMPANIES; and just TRUST THEM.

Sure they may not get it 100% on the mark; but its is likely they will bring you to in incredible level of resale value.

I so wish to see SELLERS receive thier BEST; and then I fully assist INVESTORS to pay only what it is likely worth.


But if it is not meticulous in presentation; we cannot even breathe and enjoy your property.  It feels dirty or 1/2 done or just a paint on pillars, or consistent paint throughout would give me a sense of consistency and buyer readiness.  etc.

Remove all clutter.  Only 1 to 3 items per area.  And to NOT clutter the walls.  You likely only need 1 - 3 wall decors per room.

Honestly let us see your BARE BONES of the wall arches, etc.  we wish to see and not be distracted all over the place.


ok.  Now I await to someday TOUR YOUR lovely estate,

prepped in FULL CARE readiness by you and your PROFESSIONAL LUXURY REALTOR.


All done for the sake of the TRUE SELLER INVESTORS, who need a full return on investment; and the PURCHASING INVESTORS, who need the true best rate possible.


Be Blessed and Refreshed In The Full Wisdom You Find Throughout The Marketplace From All Luxury Agents.

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